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How can a nurse author reach other RNs for story fodder for a book?


Dear Donna,

I need stories from nurses for my second book. Any ideas on how I can reach them? Fifty percent of the proceeds from my book will support a charity.

Nurse Author

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Nurse Author,

What a great project and worthwhile cause! The best way to solicit stories is to use the power of networking to get the word out. This would include posting your request on all social media sites including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and others. Ask those who read your posts to share with interested parties and related online lists. When you post on Twitter, use the hashtags ‘nurse’ and ‘amwriting’ (#nurse #amwriting). This will help others to find your tweet. If you’re not already on Twitter, open an account and use it or at least have someone who does use it get the word out for you. There is a huge nursing community on Twitter.

Contact nursing associations, especially those you belong to, and ask how you can get the word out to their members. Attend local chapter meetings of these associations and when you stand up to make your 30-second introduction, mention you are soliciting stories. Or ask the meeting coordinator if you can make that announcement at the event.

Use the telephone, in-person conversation and e-mail (good old word of mouth) to let your network know what you are looking for in nurse stories. And be sure to contact all of the nurses who contributed to your first book.

Ask nurse bloggers to post a message about your need for nurse stories in their blogs for you. You can find them by doing an Internet search for “nurse bloggers.”

Best wishes,

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