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Trending Now: Online Education

Would you recommend online nursing courses to your colleagues? If so, why?

Our Facebook fans have spoken. Find out what your colleagues think about online nursing courses.

Depends on the individual. In order to get the best effect of either, one must be engaged in the learning style that appeases the learner. However, total disconnect limits the collaborative development.
– Tracey Gantt

Some learning needs to occur with others, for the sake of discussion, inquiry, challenging to one’s thinking, questioning. Learning isn’t just reading and sending back words. It’s about thoughts and ideas and reflection sometimes.
– Linda Tieman

Just completed my master’s online and would not have done it any other way. Working full time, I did not have the time to sit in a traditional classroom. You have to research the online program very well to determine if they have the support and the interaction that is best for your own individual learning. All online programs are not alike. I’ve been a nurse for 34 years and am considering my doctorate because of online learning.
– Sheryl McCloud

I facilitate online courses, and it is really a boon to young families. Also nurses in the service of our country have been in some of my classes. I have “met” a lot of great nurses and have learned things I never knew!
– India Arie

Yes. Affordable and you can do from home. I have five courses under my belt and will have my MSN when done.
– Jean-George Walters

I have a love/hate relationship with online courses. I completed the BSN online, and I really disliked that lack of face-to-face communication/discussion. However, I completed a master’s degree in a traditional classroom environment, and I was often frustrated because I can read a PowerPoint slide at home. I prefer a traditional classroom IF the educator encourages dialogue and is interactive.
– Hal O’Peridol

Depends on the class. Some lend themselves to an online environment, while others really demand face-to-face interaction with instructors and classmates. Personally, I know I learn better in a classroom environment for most things. And I think traditional nursing programs turn out better nurses.
– Brenda Mackel

Online programs are good for people who are good with their math and comprehension skills.
Only do an online program if there is a practical component in the program for learning the skills. Don’t try and teach yourself the skills via videos etc., you need hands-on, real-life experience for that part.
– Kara Barwick

Yes. I would recommend online courses for my colleagues contingent upon their degree pursuit, their family/work schedule and their level of discipline with independent learning. However, if the individual is a hands-on/predominantly visual learner, I’d recommend face-to-face courses at a brick-and-mortar college.
– Leslie De Carlo

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