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White Memorial Medical Center announces new simulation center

The White Memorial Medical Center Charitable Foundation in Los Angeles raised $1.4 million for a simulation center, a multidisciplinary training center designed to help staff improve patient safety and patient outcomes of care, according to a news release.

The Lyman A. Brewer, III MD Simulation Center replicates a multidisciplinary hospital setting to give healthcare professionals and trainees a real-world environment in which to learn, practice and master the latest techniques for patient care.

“The Simulation Center uses very sophisticated computer-controlled manikins to create realistic patient scenarios to use in training members of our clinical staff,” Lynne Whaley, RN, MS, chief nurse executive and senior vice president of clinical operations, said in the release. “It’s a place where physicians, medical students, nurses and other medical personnel can improve their skills and learn by doing, without risk to any patients. The center is an essential component of continuing medical education. It’s amazing to see all that can be experienced at our simulation center.”

The manikins and the accompanying software create 600 realistic patient scenarios. The models – SimMan, SimWoman and SimChild – can simulate everything from a patient requiring a simple vital sign reading to one suffering a massive coronary or a mother ready to deliver her baby, even by C-section.

All the manikins have humanlike skin, a pulse and true-to-life weight. If a wrong medication is administered to the manikin, it will go into cardiac arrest.

The center is equipped with video recording and playback capability so both student and instructor can review the procedure and learn by doing and viewing. It will allow for teams such as the rapid response team, to practice life-saving drills in a realistic environment.

The Center has two full-time employees. Richard “Jay” Ward, BS, RN, Sim Center coordinator, handles the day-to-day operation and works with clinical leadership to manage scheduling, develop and select curriculum and ensure optimum utilization. Arielle Glenn, IT/networking support specialist, keeps the system operating, conducts repairs and schedules maintenance work.

The simulation center fundraising effort was initiated with a lead gift from the family of the late Lyman A. Brewer III, MD, a cardiothoracic surgeon at White Memorial. The Brewer family has been a constant supporter of White Memorial’s commitment to the training of young physicians and nurses.

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