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NAPNAP joins Partnership for Male Youth

The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners recently joined the Partnership for Male Youth, bringing the number of partners to 21 organizations, according to a recent news release from NAPNAP. 

“NAPNAP is representative of the breadth of the Partnership,” Dennis Barbour, Partnership executive director, said in the release. “We are very proud of the multidisciplinary and multispecialty nature of our campaign to advance the health of young males.”

Recently the American Sexual Health Association, the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, the Foundation for Men’s Health and the International Society of Men’s Health also joined the partnership. “We are honored to have these organizations also join us,” Barbour said. “Together we’re building a powerful voice for our mission.”

With more than 7,500 members, NAPNAP is the professional association for PNPs and other advanced practice nurses who care for children. Established in 1973, NAPNAP has been actively advocating for children’s health by providing funding, education, and research opportunities to PNPs, and producing and distributing educational materials to parents and families.

“NFPRHA is happy to join with many others in support of the Partnership for Male Youth and applauds its commitment to enhancing the capability of providers and parents/guardians to engage adolescent and young adult males in their healthcare,” Clare Coleman, NFPRHA President and CEO, said in the release. “The Partnership’s outreach efforts are critically important activities, and help further our shared interests in better public health and a more informed and engaged public.” 

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