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Is the job market for nursing informatics good?

Dear Donna,

I have been a nurse for 21 years. I am currently pursuing my MSN, with a concentration in informatics. Most of my friends say I should have done the NP track. I just want to know if the job market for nursing informatics is good.

Just Wondering

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Just Wondering,

Advanced practice (NP and others) is a very specific career path and commitment. It is not right for everyone. Many nurses think getting a master’s degree automatically equates to advanced practice, but that is not the case. There is no reason to take that route if it is not what you are interested in or willing to do. Just for the record, getting an advanced practice certification is one thing. Keeping it up is another. There’s more to it than many nurses realize.

Informatics is a hot and growing specialty and the job market is indeed good. Besides that, having the MSN is what matters. The area of concentration is less important in this case, but that degree and major will serve you well no matter which career direction you take. The advice I always give about picking a major is to look for course work and curriculum that is interesting and exciting to you. The rest will work itself out.

Check out these associations for more info about the specialty: American Nursing Informatics Association ( and the American Medical Informatics Association (

Best wishes,

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