Should an RN, who took a nurse biller position, but who has been asked to pinch hit on the clinical side, get RN staff nurse pay for clinical hours?

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Dear Nancy,

I had been working as a clinical nurse in endoscopy for 15 years, and I’ve been in nursing for 40 years. About 18 months ago, I started a new job in endoscopy as a nurse biller, which I love. I still wear scrubs because I need to observe procedures to keep up with new supplies.

I was asked to cover three renal biopsy cases in our unit because of staffing issues. I was happy to help them out, and it was good to take care of patients again. These patients are not sedated, and the procedures take about 15 minutes. All the RN nursing staff have been rotated to these rooms off and on.

To take this position as nurse biller, I lost my PACE status and took a $3 per hour pay cut. I accepted that before I took this position. But I feel I should have my pay adjusted to my RN staff nurse pay for the time I spend doing these renal cases. My nurse manager will not respond to my request. What do
you think?


Dear Nancy replies:

Dear Holly,

Your desire to be paid for what you do while you perform your nursing responsibilities on renal cases is certainly reasonable. What seems unreasonable is why your nurse manager is not responding to your inquiry. Although there are always budget issues, including from which budget money is pulled to pay for whatever nursing service is provided, it seems strange that your concern is not answered.

Perhaps you are not asking the right person about this. Would human resources be a better bet? Or, would your CNO be the best choice? Without knowing the details concerning your hiring, the specifics about the PACE status and other factors that might be important to know in resolving this request, it is difficult to know how to proceed.

You might want to consult with a nurse attorney or other attorney in your state who can explore the factors that might influence a decision. Your employee handbook, your job description as a nurse biller and what the standard operating procedure is in your facility and unit when people pinch hit in another position when needed are all important. In addition, the PACE policies may provide some
additional help.

The attorney can either coach you from behind the scene or can play a more active role and intervene on your behalf with the employer if that is a possibility.



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