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Scrubbed In readers, take our poll

This week, Scrubbed In is running its first reader poll on Facebook, and we invite you — our engaged followers — to join the conversation. The poll asks nurses: “How often do you wear your scrubs in public?”

We chose this topic from our most popular blog post. Loyal Scrubbed In followers may recall the March 13, 2013, entry that has attracted much conversation — 61 comments (and counting!). If you haven’t seen it, check it out!

Now, we would like to open up the discussion on social media. And we want to hear from you, real nurses in real life, about your thoughts related to wearing scrubs in public. It’s a simple and speedy multiple choice question. No more than a few seconds for your voice to be heard. Click here and let the polling begin!

Click to take our poll! Hurry, polling ends Thursday night!
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