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From Facebook: Can you address life after nursing?


Dear Donna,

From Facebook: Can you address life after nursing?

Looking for a New Life

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Looking for a New Life,

By life after nursing, I am assuming you mean retirement. The word retirement is being redefined in our society. While many nurses retire from one job, specialty or place of employment, many wish to remain active in nursing in some capacity. Whether as a volunteer or working part-time or full- time in a different setting is up to you. This is a great time to explore non-traditional options.

Even if you don’t wish to work, there’s no need to divorce yourself from the profession. After all, once a nurse, always a nurse. It’s not something you can just turn off. Stay connected to your profession and maybe even do some mentoring by getting active in your state chapter of the American Nurses Association (many chapters have reduced dues and coalitions for retired nurses) or even go back to school. For additional ideas and advice about making that transition, read the article, “Is retirement an ending or new beginning?” (

Best wishes,

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