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How can an RN attend a career fair without it looking like he or she is trying to find another job?


Nurses often say to me, “‘Donna, I’m nervous about attending a career fair because I’m afraid my boss will find out. How can I attend without it looking like I’m trying to find another job?’”

Nervous About Attending Career Fair

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Nervous About Attending Career Fair,

If you’ve ever read my Dear Donna columns or articles or attended one of my seminars, you’ve likely heard me tout the benefits of attending nursing career fairs. While I understand the concern some nurses have about attending career fairs, there are ways to alleviate the fear and get the most out of attending these events.

Tell your boss ahead of time you plan to attend and ask if there’s any information you can pick up for her/him while there, such as information about what competing employers are offering as a basis of comparison to stay competitive or a pamphlet from a college about higher education programs. Advise your supervisor you are going to the event to pick up some continuing education credits by attending lectures and how you also enjoy networking with the speakers, attendees, staff and others. As these are some of the many benefits of attending career fairs, your boss won’t get worried about you attending. If one of your fellow employees sees you there, you have nothing to fear. Your own employer may be exhibiting. Stop by and say hi. Tell your employer you are referring attendees to their booth and talking up what a great place it is to work.

When you next see your supervisor, mention how the event went and share a few tips you learned from the continuing education programs. Bring her/him a copy of the handouts if applicable. These actions make it a win for all and show you are actively engaged in professional and career development and being considerate of your boss.

So see what’s coming up in your area ( and read “How to get the most out of attending a career fair” ( to get some helpful tips.

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