Is it unprofessional to accept another position if you’ve already accepted one job offer but really prefer the second job?

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Dear Donna,

What would you do if you accepted a job because you were happy to get a job offer but then got another offer from a hospital you really want to work for before you started the other job? Is it unprofessional to accept another position? Do I have to resign from the other position? I really want to take the second
job offer.

Caught in the Middle

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Caught in the Middle,

How wonderful to have two job offers. The good news is because you have not yet started at the first employer (and presumably haven’t signed any employment contracts), you do not have to resign but you do have to let them know as soon as possible you will not be accepting their offer after all. Before you do that, be sure to get the second job offer in writing.

For future reference, read “Juggling Job Offers’ ( in case this type of situation ever comes up again.

Best wishes,


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