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Survey investigates nurses’ stress levels

A new survey says nurses in the U.S. experience extreme levels of stress and lack of sleep, and that 12-hour shifts, night shifts, poor diets and heavy workloads are some of the key contributors to the high stress levels. The national survey “Are You Way Too Stressed Out?” of 3,312 nurses was conducted online from May 13-29, by the Vickie Milazzo Institute, a legal nurse consulting training institute based in Texas.

“The system is broken,” Vickie Milazzo, president of Vickie Milazzo Institute, said in a news release. “Nurses are on the frontline of providing care to patients, yet they are sick and in need of healing themselves.”

Survey results indicated the nurses are experiencing poor sleep patterns and have poor nutritional habits. For instance, 64% of survey respondents said they rarely get seven to eight hours of sleep a night, and only 17% said that they are “always” able to achieve this level of sleep. Also, 77% of respondents said they do not regularly eat properly, while 31% rarely eat at least two balanced meals per day.

Balancing personal and professional lives also seemed to be an issue for respondents, with 82% saying it’s difficult to strike a work-life balance.

Respondents also were given the opportunity to answer the question, “What are some of the things that stress you out the most?” Responses included: “Those in leadership roles abusing power, favoritism, lateral violence,” and “People who have never done your job telling you how to do it. People who have lost sight of the patient – the focus is the [money].”

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