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What’s an RN to do when their license report contains false statements that cause facilities to not hire him/her?

Dear Nancy,

My RN license was suspended, and I got it back after a month. I am working in one state, and want to work in another, but no one will hire me. I worked at a facility for 24 years without a problem, but then I was harassed. Some staff were not doing their jobs, so I went to corporate compliance. It was after this some staff said I refused to help a nursing attendant with an agitated patient, which was not true. The patient fell out of bed unharmed, and the nursing attendant didn’t activate the bed alarm. The hospital believed the attendant and ancillary staff instead of me. This was difficult and expensive to fight. On the Internet, the report on my license says I refused to go down to the patient and that I didn’t contest the allegations. At each job interview I’ve had, I am asked why I didn’t contest it.


Dear Nancy replies:

Dear Andy,

One of the unfortunate consequences of being disciplined by a state board of nursing is the reality that at times it may be difficult to be hired in that or another state. This can occur despite the facts: no patient was harmed because of the underlying cause of the discipline and that people working with you don’t always speak the truth concerning an incident.

Your other point that the disciplinary report on the board website says you didn’t contest the allegations, appears not to be true (because you indicated it was a costly and difficult fight challenging the allegations). Because this statement is being relied on by potential employers, you need to consider having the statement removed and replaced with a true statement reflecting your actions taken to fight the allegations.

You can consult with a nurse attorney or other attorney in your state who can advise you whether changes in board reports can occur, and if so, how. If your former employer reported you to the board in retaliation for you going to corporate compliance at your facility, the attorney also can advise you about any possible causes of action you may have against the employer for this retaliatory report.


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