You are here:-How can I continue my NP career while I’m taking ANCC advanced classes? My RN license will expire before I’m done testing.

How can I continue my NP career while I’m taking ANCC advanced classes? My RN license will expire before I’m done testing.


Dear Donna,

I have been practicing as a PMHNP in Oregon for the past 14 years. I moved to another state in September 2013 because a family member had health issues. I do not want to stay there and have no plans to return to Oregon. I am not certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center. My Oregon license will expire in August. I am soon starting the three advanced courses required by ANCC, but I will not be done studying until after my NP license expires. I’m sure I need a license to take the ANCC test; I feel I’m in a catch-22. I’m confused and nervous about my future. Is there any way I can continue my NP career while I’m taking the advanced classes?

Confused and Nervous

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Confused and Nervous,

I suggest you personally contact the Oregon Board of Nursing and ANCC about your situation and the conflicting timeframes. Explain your situation and perhaps an exception or extension can be made in your case on either end. Make some phone calls until you get to the right person to make that decision. You also can try to do this using e-mail, but sometimes you just have to pick up the phone and talk to people.

I also suggest you contact the state chapter of the American Association of Nurse Practitioners ( in Oregon (, where you hold your license, for help and advice. Whether you are a member of AANP or not (you should be), they might be able to provide some advice, contacts and support. Again, be sure to speak to the right person.

If necessary, you also might be able to find assistance from a nurse attorney in Oregon. Nurse attorneys are uniquely qualified to help nurses on issues related to licensure and practice. They can advocate for you in situations like this. Find a nurse attorney by referral through the Oregon state chapter of AANP or the American Nurses Association ( or through The American Association of Nurse Attorneys (

Your situation is challenging but not impossible to resolve. Make phone calls and ask questions. Get the help, advice and support you need.

Best wishes,

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