Kings County unit focuses on improving behavioral health services for youths

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Kings County Hospital Center, Brooklyn, part of the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation, has redesigned its inpatient care model, opening a new unit earlier this year designed for treatment of patients with psychosis, ages 16 to 23.

Kings County also is piloting the state-funded outpatient “OnTrackNY” program, which is designed to help individuals ages 16 to 30 who have experienced psychosis for the first time.

“We are proud to become a leader in new models of care that aim to close the gap in specialized services for adolescents and young adults with mental health needs,” Ernest Baptiste, who serves as Kings County Hospital Center executive director, said in a news release.

The 15-bed inpatient unit is exclusive for patients 16 to 23 years old who have been diagnosed with psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia and related disorders.
Hospital officials estimate that the new unit could serve as many as 100 adolescents and young adults annually, according to the release.


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