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Brighter future

The article “Nurses ensure brighter future,” ( discussed an enlightening reality at Pediatric Cardiology in Hackensack (N.J.) UMC. As a graduate nurse, these stories are very inspiring to me.

In America, a safer healthcare system has to be established because of the poor quality of patient care. Most often nurses are blamed for the poor quality of care, but the issue is more systemic. The Institute of Medicine has issued new recommendations to change the entire healthcare system to improve the quality of patient care, education, competencies, patient safety and overall satisfaction.

Nurses always have been supportive to patients and their families by giving them a sense of hope and empowerment. With the IOM recommendations being implemented, people are expecting greater quality improvement in the healthcare system. This will have a positive impact on the care patients receive.

Reading this article was inspiring because it acknowledges nurses for their tremendous love and dedication at these facilities. They make an absolute difference in the nursing care delivered to delicate young patients.

— Nalini Rajar-Bhim, RN
Hollis, N.Y.

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