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A nurse’s journey

I became a nurse at age 19 when I was a high school graduate with nowhere to go. I saw an ad in the local newspaper that said, “Paid training for nurse aide.” I did the paperwork and was accepted into the program.

I worked as an aide for two years, then applied for an LPN program and financial assistance from the government. I did 12 months of intense study. Then my employer paid me to participate in an RN-to-AD program. I finished in four years, one course at a time.

Later, my employer paid for my BSN. I was ready and went one course at a time. After earning my BSN, my employer offered more financial assistance for school, so I started working on my MSN.

I hit a roadblock when my husband left me with two children to raise by myself. So I switched to OB/GYN and moved to orthopedics and then psychiatric. I loved the ability to change jobs and learn new things. The best is yet to come — home care, helping adolescents from pregnancy to raising their young children, etc.

I love your magazine.

— Linda Brem, RN
Mount Penn, Pa.

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