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How can an RN find a part-time, not a per diem job?


Dear Donna,

I would like to get a part-time (not per diem) job. I am finding it hard to find what I want. Most jobs I see are either per diem or full time. What jobs usually hire part-time RNs? Because of the high hourly rates that the facilities pay, I can live on the salary from a part-time job.

Wants Part-Time Work

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Wants Part-Time Work,

Yes, good part-time work can be tough to find. Your best bet may be to work through a nursing/healthcare employment agency that does both hospital and non-hospital placement. Many agencies have part-time opportunities and some even offer benefits.

There is no particular industry or specialty using more part-time nurses than another. It is more a matter of an individual employer’s needs.

Be sure to use the job search feature on this web site and enter “part-time” as a keyword. I don’t know what state you live in, but I just did a quick general search online with that keyword and found many part-time positions.

Best wishes,

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