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Can you provide input on what an RN should look for in a good health coaching course?


Dear Donna,

I am very interested in becoming an RN health coach. I am having an issue finding the right training/certification course for health coaching. Can you give me some input on what I should be looking for in a good course? Are there any courses in a classroom setting? I have only seen online courses so far.

Interested in Health Coaching

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Interested in Health Coaching,

Health coaching is a very popular specialty for nurses these days. And there is a growing need for the service as the health delivery system in this country shifts its focus from a sickness model to a wellness model.

Just because courses and certification are offered doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to take any of them. Nurses already are experts in wellness whether they realize it or not. We often undervalue or fail to recognize the vast skill set we possess.

That being said, everyone learns in different ways and requires differing support. Your best bet to further investigate this specialty, including resources, is the American Holistic Nurses Association ( See if there is a chapter or network in your area. Get in touch with national and local members. Attend local, regional and national meetings/conferences. I recently referred a nurse who wanted to start a wellness coaching business to this association. She attended a national conference and when she came back she declared with joy, “I found my people!”

There are many nurses working as health/wellness coaches who are self-employed or working for insurance companies, corporate wellness programs and others. Find them by doing an Internet search as well as a search on social media sites such as LinkedIn. View their websites to see what they offer. Have a phone conversation with them to see how they got started and what advice they have for you.

Read this article about one type of health coaching “RN health coaches coordinate smooth transitions, prevent readmissions” ( to provide you with some insight. Keep in mind that nurse health and wellness coaches work in many different ways and places. You also will find job listings for health coaches by using it as a search term and selecting “jobs” in the search bar at the top of this page.

Best wishes,

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