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What can someone with an H4 visa do to find a job as a nurse in the U.S.?


Hi Donna,

I have been staying here for the past year while my husband is working here with an H1B visa. Since I came here with an H4 visa, I am not able to find a job. How can I find job or an agent to sponsor me?

H4 Visa Holder

Dear Donna replies:

Dear H4 Visa Holder,

When you say “I have been staying here,” I’m assuming you mean in the U.S. New legislation is scheduled to be passed in the U.S. allowing more H4 visa holders to get an Employment Authorization Document or EAD (a work permit). Read more here, ( You will find additional information and support services from CGFNS International (, an agency formerly known as the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools.

If there is an ethnic nursing association in the U.S. related to your country of origin such as the National Association of Indian Nurses of America (, contact their national U.S. office as well as a local/state chapter where you reside or where you wish to live. An association of this type also should be able to help and support you in the process of getting a work permit and then finding a job.

Best wishes,

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