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Violence in the ED

I read with interest the April 2014 article “Danger at work” on nursing assaults, as I have been assaulted by patients. I believe by changing the medication over objection laws, some of these assaults will decrease.

In New York, it takes up to two weeks to have newly admitted patients placed on medication when they object to medication administration. These patients often arrive on the unit violent and difficult to control, which places other patients and staff in jeopardy. As we all know, it takes an extended period of time for psychiatric medication to begin action. By waiting two weeks, we have lost this time for the medication to take effect.

There are many concerns with this process. I hope this letter and other nurses can make a positive change in the process in an effort to protect our patients as well as ourselves.

— Kathleen Caulfield, RN
Fort Lee, N.J.

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