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Nurse practitioner group supports Trade Commission warning against practice restrictions

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners is urging state lawmakers to pay heed to a Federal Trade Commission warning that restricting the practice of advance practice nurses “may reduce competition that benefits consumers.”

The FTC policy paper, released in March, recommends state legislators be cautious about considering and enacting proposals that might limit APRN practice and direct access to nurse practitioner services.

“State legislation that prevents full and direct access for patients has the potential to further hamper our healthcare delivery system,” said Angela K. Golden, RN, DNP, FNP-C, FAANP, co-president of AANP.

“It is our hope that legislators pay close attention to the analysis of the FTC and honor the healthcare needs of their constituents.”

“Even well-intentioned laws and regulations may impose unnecessary, unintended, or overbroad restrictions on competition, thereby depriving healthcare consumers of the benefits of vigorous competition,” the policy paper states.

The FTC paper, “Policy Perspectives: Competition and the Regulation of Advanced Practice Nurses,” provided additional statements in support of nurse practitioners, including: research demonstrates nurse practitioners provide safe and effective care; reducing undue regulatory burdens on nurse practitioners might help alleviate healthcare access problems across the country; effective collaboration among healthcare providers, including team-based care, does not necessarily require physician supervision of nurse practitioners; and expanded APRN scope of practice is good for competition that would benefit American healthcare consumers.

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