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The future of education

Regarding the March free CE course “Teaching Tomorrow’s Nurses: What’s Happening in the Classroom” (, I want to thank you for focusing on the value of technology in education.

People learn in a variety of ways, and no two students learn exactly the same way. It is for this reason that educational uses of technology are so important to nursing students. Traditional lecture supports students that learn through listening, but a combination of lecture, visual clinical skills demonstrations, videos and simulation labs appeals to audio, visual, and tactile learners. This can be done through utilization of computers, tablets and smartphones combined with traditional lecture in the classroom.

These various methods of learning appeal to a broader range of students, thus creating more competent student nurses. Therefore, there is not just a need for more nursing educators, but a need for nursing educators who can support and empower more students by increasing the nursing knowledge base through utilization of various forms of technology. The potential for learning through technology is unlimited!

— Aishling Robinson, RN, BSN
Fremont, Calif.

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