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Often we say or write words without really focusing on their meaning. “Inspiration” is one of those words. There are various ways to define it, but perhaps because I’m a nurse I think of inspiration as being moved so strongly by something that it almost makes you draw your breath in. was inspired that way by the 2012 book, “The American Nurse: Photographs and Interviews by Carolyn Jones,” and that inspiration led us to forge a partnership with the American Nurse Project that includes featuring photographs from the book on our 2014 covers.

If you’ve seen the book, you know why we found it so captivating. You know how it showcases nurses, the pivotal roles they play in healthcare and the essence of real-life nursing in America. With 75 photographs and a series of personal and poignant interviews that inspire as well as inform, the book raised the volume on nursing’s voice and helped the American public think about nurses in a whole new way.

The American Nurse Project’s mission now includes more than a book, with a documentary of the same name debuting May 7, in honor of National Nurses Week, in the Washington, D.C., area. The premiere will be followed by release of the film on May 8 in Digiplex Destinations theaters nationwide. The stories the documentary tells, each from nurses who were profiled in the book, will make every nurse in America proud. You can watch the movie trailer and find nationwide screening schedules at, and don’t miss our nurse editor’s review of the film in this issue.

There is no shortage of ways in which nurses inspire others. Also in this celebratory issue, invites experienced RNs to make an impact on the professional development of the next generation of nurses. With the generous support of The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future, our new effort, called “The Next Shift: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Nurses,” will offer veteran RNs the opportunity to use storytelling to make a difference in the growth of their younger colleagues. Their stories will help ensure the passion they’ve felt for their profession and their patients will live on in the nurses who one day will take their place.

You’ll read more about this project in upcoming issues of our magazine, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter channels. We hope you will add your stories to this valuable new project.

As we celebrate National Nurses Week, I hope each of you will find something that inspires you, something that will make you draw your breath in. And then I hope you will exhale and celebrate — simply because you’re a nurse!

Happy Nurses Week!

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