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UCLA and UC Davis nursing faculty participate in Western Institute of Nursing conference

Faculty from UCLA and nursing faculty and students from UC Davis, Sacramento, represented their respective universities at the Western Institute of Nursing 47th Annual Communicating Nursing Research Conference in Seattle in April.


Adey Nyamathi, RN, ANP, PhD, FAAN, distinguished professor and associate dean for international research and scholarly activities at the school delivered the conference’s State of the Science address on April 10. She discussed nurse-led research in developing countries conducted over the past decade, addressed the challenges experienced by nurses in furthering global-health nursing research, and provided recommendations to meet global health needs, according to a news release. Nyamathi also presented results of her ongoing research on women with AIDS in India.

Nursing professor Deborah Koniak-Griffin, RNC, EdD, FAAN, presented the conference’s Distinguished Nursing Research Lecture on April 12. She discussed her work on HIV prevention, reducing repeat teen pregnancies, improving mother-child health and decreasing cardiovascular disease through healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Koniak-Griffin also was being honored at the conference by the Western Institute of Nursing with its Distinguished Nursing Research Leadership Award, which recognizes a senior investigator whose research career has made substantial and sustained contributions to nursing, according to
the release.

Three symposia were moderated by UCLA nursing faculty and featured research being performed at the school:

“Culturally Sensitive Nurse-Led Research With Global and Immigrant Women” highlighted three programs that utilized culturally sensitive interventions in an effort to bridge such gaps — tuberculosis infections among Vietnamese immigrants to the U.S., adherence to antiretroviral therapy among women with AIDS in India and the effects of increasing mammography among Korean-American women.

“Overlooked Women’s Health: Theoretical and Research Perspectives” had researchers discuss the psychological, sociocultural and personal barriers that aging women and ethnic minority women face in obtaining essential healthcare for chronic diseases like HIV/AIDS and diabetes and mental
health problems.

“Global Research: Ethical Considerations for Nurse Researchers” had resesearchers present new recommendations for the conduct of international research.

UC Davis

Heather Young, RN

Assistant Adjunct Professor Debra Bakerjian, RN, PhD, FNP, FAANP, Assistant Professor Elena Siegel, RN, PhD, and three graduate nursing students Sarina Fazio, Amy Doroy and Jacqueline Stocking kicked off the conference with a three-hour workshop focused on their recent research on the development of interprofessional education and research opportunities designed to improve quality and safety in the delivery of care, according to news release.

The conference featured faculty and student research as either symposium presentations or poster sessions. Topics ranged from studies exploring the role of nurses in improving health outcomes to the use of technology and other innovative means to advance health. Other UC Davis presentations explored interprofessional education and methods of improving nursing education to better prepare nurses, thus improving care delivery.

In addition to the individual presentations, UC Davis doctoral candidates and faculty moderated various lecture-style events.

Heather M. Young, RN, PhD, FAAN, associate vice chancellor for nursing and founding dean, continued an annual conversation about the collaborative research opportunities offered through Clinical Translational Science Awards in the region. Assistant Adjunct Professor Kupiri W. Ackerman-Barger, RN, PhD, led a luncheon discussion related to her research presentation — inclusion and equity in nursing education and healthcare.

The Western Institute of Nursing is one of four U.S. regional nursing research organizations. Its mission is to embrace nursing education, practice and research leading to improved patient care.

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