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Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point honors RNs for years of service

Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, Hudson, Fla. recently presented service awards to long-term employees, including 54 RNs, according to a news release.

Arlene Huber, RN, who works in surgical services was honored for 30 years of service, while Ruth Cound, RN, a supervisor in the dialysis unit, and Annette Nieratko, RN, working in the PACU, were both honored for 25 years of service.

Service awards recognize employees for their years of service with the facility and with HCA. Each award recipient receives a certificate of appreciation and an HCA Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point pin and a gift catalog that allows them to choose a gift of their choice.

20 years of service:

•Barbara Amaya, RN
•Gloria Bellamy, RN
•Brenda Buck, RN
•Deborah Fluke, RN
•Carrie Green, RN
•Thelma Guthrie, RN
•Carol Joseph, RN
•Shae Jungkans, RN
•Helen Machie, RN
•Edith Rowson, RN
•Pamela Schlicher, RN
•Caroline Tibbett, RN
•Lisa Zielinski, RN

15 years of service:

•Robert Cowen, RN
•Lucie Doyle, RN
•Theresa Mundy, RN
•Mary Reynolds, RN
•Jennifer Torro, RN
10 years of service:

10 years of service

•Marianne Banet, RN
•Magdalene Calzita, RN
Barbara Chacon, RN
•Debra Corey, RN
•Rosalie Estefani, RN
•Victoria Ferguson, LPN
•Denise Gonzalez, RN
•Maryann Kusturiss, RN
•Victoria Murphy, RN
•Andrea O’Lenick, RN
•Patricia Soults, LPN
•Ellen Taylor, LPN
•Barbara Warren, RN
•Vivien Watson, RN

5 years of service

•Donna Cocuzza, RN
•Pamela Combast, RN
•Marie Fiscina, RN
•Barbara Gibbs, RN
•Anne Gilley, RN
•Esther Gustas, RN
•Diana Henry, RN
•Lisa Hobbs, RN
•Carmen Hoyne, RN
•Andrea Ioviero, RN
•Debby Long, RN
•Anne McCloskey, RN
•Mary O’Connell, RN
•Gwendolyn Oliver, RN
•Colleen Pascalli, RN
•Beckalove Paterniti, RN
•Lisa Payne, RN
•Marianne Pirozzi, RN
•Jennifer Rudicil, RN
•Rosanna Stevenson, RN
•Edith Zazzaro, RN

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