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Meet the 2014 Philadelphia Tri-State Rising Star Award winner

This year, will present a new Rising Star Award at each GEM Award event to an RN who has been working in a professional nursing setting for five years or less. The winner will have demonstrated strong nursing knowledge and clinical leadership skills and exceeded role expectations in patient care and professional endeavors.

This year’s winner in the Philadelphia Tri-State region is Jennifer Baciu, RN, BSN, CCRN, a staff nurse at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center in Philadelphia.

By her second year at Penn Presbyterian, Baciu was mentoring nursing students, completed the preceptor course and began orienting new staff to the unit. She achieved CCRN certification last year and is currently enrolled in a graduate MSN degree program.

Baciu chairs the hospital professional development committee and organizes health screenings for the West Philadelphia community. Baciu is driven to be challenged clinically, requesting to take care of the sicker patients and viewing each challenging patient as an opportunity to learn.

When her unit was struggling with central line-associated blood stream infections, Baciu is quick to help out in the daily auditing of every patient with a central line; she is not hesitant to approach physicians regarding necessity of the line, advocating for early removal or advising fellow staff when dressings needed to be changed.

She wrote a grant proposal to obtain hand sanitizer bottles for patients in 2013, and she wants to study the relationship between infection rates and patient hygiene.

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