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Trending Now: How nurses are kicking the smoking habit

We asked: A survey found RNs showed the biggest decline in smoking rates among healthcare providers. Which cessation strategy has worked best for you? Our Facebook fans — nurses and nursing students — have spoken.

Cold turkey. Four different times. Finally off the stuff for good.
— Morgan W. Vaughn IV

When I did patient education, I was able to divorce myself from the fact that I smoked based on the fact that I was healthy. I convinced myself that my patients had made poor choices because they became ill. What a cold-hearted person I was. It let me go on with my bad habit — it was so strong. I quit cold turkey last July. Thank God.
— Michelle Morrison

Vapor can do even more damage. Read the medical reports. Chantix! Been smoke free for eight years!
— Danielle Walton

I have no intention to quit smoking anytime soon. Who’s business is it but mine?
— Sarah Renee

Nicoderm CQ clear patch. Have not had a cigarette in almost four years. I wanted to start running and knew I couldn’t do it until I quit smoking. Now, I can’t figure out why I ever started in the first place.
— Nicole Raymond

Cold turkey didn’t work for me, but it worked for my grandpa. Hypnosis worked for about two days. I used Smoke Away my third time. It’s a combo of pills (vitamins and antioxidants), fake cigarettes and an aromatherapy oil. That combination worked for me. I’ve been smoke free for 10 years, and I smoked for a little over 10 years. It’s all about willpower.
— Jim Repasky

Cold turkey 10 years ago. It wasn’t a picnic, but I’m smoke free.
— Patricia Tognarine

I’ve never even tried a cigarette, but I applaud all of you who quit. I’m sure it’s not easy.
— Kayce Tipton

I quit cold turkey back in 1994 after about 35 years. It was my third or fourth try. I think the doctors wanted me to start again during the initial period because I was a bear! But I feel and breathe much better now.
— Deborah Yerkes Potts

Get a hookah! It’s vapor, not a cigarette. It’s working. Slowly. But it helps.
— Kent Reagle Sadar

I was hooked on nicotine lozenges for 3 1/2 years. I had to take Chantix to get me off of those.
— Fahey Wolf

Gradual tapering with the gum worked for me. It was easy. I only smoked when I was stressed-out anyway. Reduce or learn to deal with the stress in your life more proactively.
— Kimberly Wesley Boston

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