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Perioperative nurses shine

Regarding the February End of Shift “Rekindling the Spirit” (, what an amazing, inspiring story.

As a perioperative nurse for more than 20 years, I can relate to Elizabeth’s story. I have had similar experiences throughout my career. I remember as a novice nurse in the OR, my instructor would tell me, “Paula, imagine that everyone in the room is talking to you.”

This skill of listening has made a significant difference in my practice. I’m always listening. Hearing what my patients are saying, hearing the sounds in the room and the conversations in surgical field has helped me anticipate the needs of my patient when they are asleep and can’t say what they need.

The connection that is made between a patient and the nurse is spiritual. Being with your patient before they go off to sleep and being there when they wake up gives the patient a sense of security and comfort. It is a gratifying experience for me.

— Paula J. Donaldson, APRN, MS, CNS, CNOR
Brooklyn, N.Y.

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