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Mount Sinai nursing research event focuses on best practices

“Sharing Best Practices,” Mount Sinai Beth Israel’s inaugural Nursing Research Day took place Feb. 12 at the Phillips Ambulatory Care Center in Manhattan with presenters Mercedes Simoncelli, who discussed the publication process; Nessa Coyle, RN, NP, PhD, FAAN, who delivered the keynote “Moral Distress in Clinical Care;” and Kathleen Broglio, RN, ANP-BC, DNP, ACHPN, CPE, who hosted a palliative care Q&A.

The event included 38 poster displays and an award presentation to nurses.
“The ultimate goal of research is to develop, refine and expand the body of knowledge that guides nursing practice, to improve quality of nursing care and ultimately patient outcomes,” said Angela Babaev, RN, MSN, interim director, Beatrice Renfield Department of Nursing Education & Research, who organized the event with Mary Walsh, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, CEN, senior vice president for patient care services and CNO, Mount Sinai Beth Israel; and Marilyn Bookbinder, RN, PhD, FPCN, department of pain medicine and palliative care director of nursing and quality.

Wound care nurse practitioner Michael Willis, RN, DNP, APN-BC, CWON, CCRN, CEN, Mount Sinai Beth Israel Brooklyn, was named Evidence-Based Champion for his efforts to disseminate best practices in pressure ulcer assessment and prevention in the ED. Willis was recognized as an expert clinician and role model for being a mentor to frontline staff and scholarly presentations at national and international conferences.

Karen Doblin, RN, NP, PhD, CCRN, of MSBI’s department of pain medicine and palliative care, won first prize in Best Clinical Practice for “Factors predicting long-term outcomes among patients treated with spinal cord stimulation for chronic pain.”

In the Best Quality Improvement Study category, first prize went to nurses and physicians at Mount Sinai Roosevelt and Mount Sinai St. Luke’s who implemented “Evidence-Based Sleep Protocol to Reduce Falls on an Inpatient Patient Rehab Unit: An Interdisciplinary Approach.”

The collaborators were Juldemar Rostata, RN, BSN; Michelle Dunn, RN, MSN; Grace Phelan, RN, MSN, MPA; Carl Braun, MD; C.T. Chiu, MD; Malcolm Reid, MD and the Stuyvesant 6 unit rehab staff.

The Best Innovative Approach Award went to MSBI Brooklyn’s 3 East bedside nurses Yvette Tabernilla, RN, MSN; Eugene Vaknansky, RN, MSN, FNP; Maritoni Farin, RN-BC, BSN, FNP (c), and Genalyn Bravo, RN, BSN, for developing “Evidence-Based Skin Care Cart,” a project that provides staff with speedy access to products from advanced wound care formulary and placing the supply cart in a strategic location on the unit.

Closing remarks by Janet Mackin, RN, EdD, the dean of Phillips Beth Israel School of Nursing, encouraged participants to continue pursuing collaborative projects and sharing knowledge and experiences that can help future generations of nurses and caregivers provide the highest quality patient care.

The event’s planning committee also included Susan Brindisi, RN, MS Ed, MA, CHES, CCRN; Mary Ellen Cafiero, RN, MA, CCRN, GNP; Debora Falik, MLS; and Erdem Ozden, MS.

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