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Dallas facility’s leadership fosters team-based approaches to patient care

Meaningful collaborative nurse-physician leadership fosters team-based approaches to patient care that extends to the entire patient care team, according to Aurora Estevez, MD, FACOG and Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas CMO.

Where does it start? At the table, making decisions together, with the dialogue founded on the facility’s innovative healthcare model: Accountable Care Management.

“ACM is a ‘co-management model’ where physicians, nurses and administrators make decisions with everyone having a seat at the table,” Estevez said.

Considerable focus on quality initiatives is one of the primary discussion points at the monthly meetings, according to Estevez.

CNO Cole Edmonson, RN, DNP, FACHE, NEA-BC, co-leader of the Texas Team, said the ACM model was implemented two years ago and continues to evolve.

General agenda items addressed at the meetings include planning, new programs, quality programs and strategic initiatives, Edmonson said.

“ACM is a purposeful structure that allows for nursing voice, and impacts the creating, designing, deploying and evaluating [of] new programs that affect the nurse and the patient,” he said.

The facility’s new “Cardio-Help” program is an example. Nurses hold influential leadership roles and are brought in at the front end of the decision process to guide the implementation with their physician colleagues, Edmonson said.

Texas Team information

The Texas Team is a statewide Campaign for Action coalition consisting of business, education and community groups. It s led by an executive committee of RNs, representing eight regions in Texas.

The coalition serves to ensure nurses are full partners with physicians and other healthcare professionals in redesigning healthcare in the U.S., per a recommendation of the Institute of Medicine. For more information about the Texas Team, visit

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