Can an RN get personal liability insurance for part-time wellness work in a corporate setting even if they don’t have their own business?


Dear Donna,

I am employed full-time but have several days off each week because I work 12-hour shifts. I have the opportunity to do some wellness training in a corporate setting, but they want me to have personal liability insurance. Do you have personal liability insurance? Can I even get it if I don’t have my
own business?

Needs Insurance

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Needs Insurance,

That sounds like a great opportunity. You may eventually be able to parlay that into full- or part-time self-employment. Corporate wellness education is a hot and growing area for RNs.

I do have personal and professional liability insurance (different from nursing liability/malpractice insurance) as most self-employed people do. You should be able to get it from most general insurance companies. But before you do that, ask your client what specifically they need the policy to cover. Otherwise, just tell your insurance agent what you will be doing and they will be able to put together a policy for you. If this is a one-time opportunity, you may be able to get a certificate of insurance for that one day. But if you wish to pursue getting more clients or doing more work for this client, consider taking out a regular year long policy.

I also would also suggest that you have simple business cards made for yourself to promote your wellness education services. You don’t have to have an official business just yet to do this. Who knows where the one opportunity might lead? Follow the path that has been illuminated for you and enjoy the journey. You eventually may be able to leave those 12-hour shifts behind.

Best wishes,

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