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Trending Now: Zohydro, the new opioid on the market

We asked: Several organizations requested that the FDA revoke approval of the opioid Zohydro, the single-ingredient hydrocodone drug. Would you be nervous about providing this product to a patient? Our Facebook fans have spoken.

Pain medications, especially opiates, are often misunderstood by many people, even nurses and doctors. If used properly the medications can be very helpful to millions of people. As with everything there is always potential for abuse.
— Rob Huden

We don’t need more narcotics on the market.
— Sheila Lindauer

It’s a shame that legitimate pain management patients have to be treated like black sheep and potentially denied the benefit of a new medication because there is a population of folks who happen to abuse it. These patients deserve the benefits of medical research done on their behalf to seek improvements just the same as cancer patients, etc.
— Telli Bedell

Why are we torn up over extended-release hydrocodone when we have immediate release morphine and oxycodone, which are more potent and dangerous? Sounds like this is trumped up by their manufacturers to try and keep a new drug from entering the market and taking some of their profit.
— Brad Emerson

Just one more thing for patients to sniff, snort, inject, overuse, sell on the streets and overdose on.
— Carrie Morton Combs

Why is it worse than Vicodin? Why would it be more addictive? Does the addition of Tylenol magically protect against addiction? We should use all these drugs cautiously. Perspective, people.
— Kelli Gagnon

I take care of the neonates who will be exposed to this drug via their moms. I wrote to revoke it. We have no clue what kind of withdrawal this will cause in infants.
— Kayce Tipton

It is safer! Tylenol is underestimated, very dangerous, hepatotoxic. Oncology patients need these narcotics. We can’t make them suffer because of careless prescribers and junkies.
— Heather Rogerson

Do you or someone you know deal with, say, fibromyalgia? It’s an illness that is extremely painful and grossly under-diagnosed. If this will help those people get through a day why would you keep it from them?
— Troy Wofford

For those of you who say this is the same as Vicodin but without the Tylenol, you’re right. But the highest single dose of hydrocodone with Tylenol is 10 mg. This pill starts out at 10 mg and continues to 50 mg. The first time someone uses the upper end of this med, it may be a lethal dose.
— Lynn Richardson Jenkins

This is just what America needs. Keep feeding the masses with “good drugs” so Big Pharma can remain one of the largest profit gaining markets out there. Meanwhile, let’s keep cannabis a Schedule 1 narcotic. Yeah, makes sense. Good job America. Way to put on your thinking caps.
— Seth Erb

Absolutely. Very scary!
— Betty Gwinn

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