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De-stress products for ultimate relaxation

When you hear things like, “Take care of yourself,” “Just relax,” and “Put yourself before others,” do you roll your eyes and think, “easier said than done?” These products actually will make it easier to put yourself first. Start mastering the art of de-stressing now with some of these relaxation tools.

1. Tranquil Moments Advanced Sleep Sounds Machine

Drift off to sleep with the Tranquil Moments Advanced Sleep Sounds Machine from Brookstone. The machine uses 16 sound programs composed of Delta, Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies, which, according to the company, are the same frequencies that occur while sleeping or relaxing.

Tranquil Moments® Advanced Sleep Sounds

Too pricey for your budget? Give a free smartphone soothing sounds app a try, like this Relax Melodies, created by Ipnos Soft.

2. The Original Backnobber II

The Original Backnobber II is a self-massage tool designed to curve over your shoulder so you can massage those tough to reach back and shoulder muscles. This can be an effective tool for decreasing discomfort associated with myofascial trigger point pain.

Pressure Positive The Original HandHeld Backnobber Massager II

 3. Foot Rubz

This foot massage ball (can be used on hands and shoulders, too!) is a helpful tool for giving sore muscles a rubdown without having to rely on your own hands for adequate pressure.

4. Homedics FB-300 Foot Bath

Soaking your feet in warm water while the floor of the footbath kneads your feet. Who knew you could find heaven in a bucket? Invest in one of these and start a new end-of-shift routine.

Homedics FB-300 Foot Bath

5. Essential Oils

We published this post about the many benefits of aromatherapy, or the use of essential oil. Essential oils are a simple and pleasant way to de-stress, boost mood and even bolster your immunity. Two companies that some of our nurse readers have recommended as preferred essential oils vendors are Young Living and doTERRA.

6. Guided Meditation

Are you drawn to the idea of meditation, but find it difficult to develop a practice on your own? Guided meditation can be the bridge you’re looking for. Jon Kabat-Zinn, world renowned meditation teacher, author, and clinician (he founded mindfulness-based stress reduction), offers three sets of guided mindfulness meditation series, which can be purchased by CD or MP3.

Guided Mindfulness Meditation CDs

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