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In the ongoing search for worthwhile reads, don’t forget to consider the following page-turners.

Evidence-Based Nursing Care for Stroke

Published by John Wiley & Sons

With the aging population ever growing, healthcare for persons suffering from stroke and related illnesses is increasingly important. “Evidence-Based Nursing Care for Stroke and Neurovascular Conditions” serves as a guide for novice, experienced and advanced practice nurses working with patients suffering from stroke and other neurovascular conditions. The book focuses specifically on neurovascular disorders, according to a news release, and describes normal cerebrovascular anatomy and physiology and common pathologic mechanisms, as well as the unique challenges in working with this patient group. It also covers the pathophysiology, diagnostic and current nursing interventions for the care of patients with neurovascular disorders including transient ischemic attacks, ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, moyamoya, migraines and more.

Handbook of Clinical Nutrition and Stroke

Published by Humana Press

The handbook is a comprehensive reference on nutrition for the multidisciplinary team caring for stroke patients, according to a news release. Targeting physicians, nurse practitioners, clinical dietitians and others, this volume provides an introduction on the different types of stroke, associated risk factors and global perspectives on stroke. It also expands upon treatment and management from the acute care setting through rehabilitation and discusses the progression of the nutrition care plan. The book includes a chapter, “Stroke Nursing Care,” written by Stacey Claus, CNRN, MSN, GCNS-BC, and Malissa Mulkey, RN, MSN, CCNS, CCRN, that discusses patient education as fundamental to primary and secondary stroke prevention. It also covers how protocols and checklists are an effective way to guide the team to meet time targets when caring for a stroke patient.

The Behavioral Consequences of Stroke

Published by Springer Publishing

“The Behavioral Consequences of Stroke” provides a broad overview of the cognitive and neurobehavioral effects of stroke. Greater attention is being paid today to the cognitive and neurobehavioral complications that impact stroke morbidity and even functional neurological recovery in patients, according to a news release. Written by an international panel of experts, the book addresses the full range of issues relevant to the field, including epidemiology, general treatment, sensorimotor control after a stroke, post-stroke aphasia, memory loss, post-stroke depression, the role of imaging after a stroke and more.

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