If I may be so bold as to ask: Whatever happened to the promise of “grandfathering in” AAS RN’s into the family of BSN’s, given documented and adequate experience (www.Nurse.com/Article/IOM-Recommendations)?

In the 80s, I was advised to obtain a more diversified degree that would enhance my RN, and so I did. However, now my BA in healthcare administration and my MEd in curriculum IT design find me shut out, yielding me nothing substantial in the current Long Island Market.

I find it sad that so much experience can be wasted, and so many nurses “of a certain age” are forced to take on the additional financial burden of a BSN program.

I will gladly submit to whatever exam you wish to propose, for I am confident that 20-plus years of diversified experience should count for something, so please consider the “grandfather” option as a means to incorporate the experience.

Thank you for your attention.

Eileen Bates-Bordies, RN, BA, MEd, CMSRN
Bay Shore, N.Y.

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