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How does an RN, with an MSN, become a certified diabetic educator?


Dear Donna,

I want to become a CDE, how do I get started? I have a MSN.

Wants to Become a CDE

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Wants to Become a CDE,

In order to become a certified diabetic educator, you need to gain a certain number of direct experience hours to qualify to sit for the certification exam. Learn about the certification process here: (

You might be wondering how you get that experience. Start targeting those entities/prospective employers that work with diabetic patients. These would include diabetic treatment centers, endocrinology practices, endocrinology clinics in hospitals and the American Diabetes Association. Contact each of them directly about employment.

Additionally, start attending local chapter meetings of the American Association of Diabetes Educators ( as a guest. Do some informational interviewing with other CDEs and learn how to do so by reviewing, “The scoop on informational interviewing” (

Find other CDEs through the association, by asking around and by calling the above-mentioned type of possible employers. Networking is a great way to find and get a job.

When there’s something you want to do, it makes sense to rub elbows with those already doing the job and learn what it takes to succeed from those who already have successful careers in
that specialty.

Best wishes,

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