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Do you fit the bill?

Aspiring nurses who enter nursing school are hoping what awaits them is a fully staffed faculty made up of instructors with a passion for teaching and mentoring. Do you have what it takes to ease the nurse faculty shortage and help mold the next generation of nurses? Take this quiz to find out.

Do you …

1. Enjoy rich conversation about professional and clinical topics? Y / N

2. Thrive on working independently and are you self-motivated? Y / N

3. Get personal satisfaction when a mentee masters nursing and patient care concepts? Y / N

4. Enjoy sharing clinical and technical expertise in your specialty? Y / N

5. Stay up to date on practice guidelines, evidence-based practice
and research articles? Y / N

6. Participate in professional organizations, attend nursing conferences and network with peers? Y / N

7. Foster interprofessional communication and staff collaboration? Y / N

8. Help staff, peers and committee members develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills? Y / N

9. Give positive and constructive feedback to staff and peers on their performance? Y / N

10. Appreciate feedback about your mentoring skills and ability to engage nurses in the learning process? Y / N

If you answered Yes to most of these questions, you might consider a career in teaching!

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