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Should an RN who has let her CPR lapse while taking a break from working take a course on her own or will it be provided by a new employer?


Dear Donna,

I am experienced RN with 10 years in med/surg and a short stint in labor and delivery. While I have been at home with my kids for the past five years, I’ve kept up my license but let my CPR lapse. Will a future employer provide the CPR or would it be better to get it on my own?

Let Her CPR Lapse

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Let Her CPR Lapse,

Much has changed in the nursing job market over the past five years. For starters, hospitals have downsized their education staff. So CPR training may not be available to all new hires. Therefore, I would recommend you get that on your own to be more marketable and to appear more current after your absence from the workforce.

Perhaps even more important for you to know is that hospital nursing jobs are shrinking as care moves out of the hospital and into alternate inpatient settings, home-based care, etc. As a result, many hospitals are only hiring nurses with very current hospital experience. So even with CPR certification, you may not get hired by a hospital right now. By all means make some phone calls to area hospitals but be prepared for this outcome.

All nurses need to start looking in new directions for employment and need new skills to find and get those jobs. Even though you are not a new nurse, this article “New nurse, new job strategies” provides information on gettng hired in today’s job market (

To understand where nursing and healthcare is today and where it is headed in the future read “Nursing — A new paradigm” (

I also recommend you attend nursing career fairs in your local area. This will give you access to many employers and agencies in one place. You can make valuable contacts and gauge what your options are. You also can hone your self-marketing and networking skills and pick up some contact hours by attending workshops at these events. See what’s coming up in your area ( Read “How to get the most out of attending a career fair” (

Transitioning back into the workforce is a process. Be patient with yourself and the process. What worked for you in the past likely will not work going forward. So take the advice in this post including the referenced articles and move forward.

Best wishes,

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