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Should an RN with 25 years of experience get a BSN if he/she is looking to change jobs?


Dear Donna,

I have been an RN for 25 years and specialize in pediatrics. I have a BS, not a BSN. I am in need of a change, and I was turned down for an interview because I don’t have the BSN. This is the first time in my career I have encountered this and was shocked as my clinical experience exceeds the requirements for the posted position. At this stage in my life and my career, I am not sure the financial investment is something I want. I am working and would need to consider an online program, but I am not sure if it is necessary. Can you advise?

Not Sure a BSN Is Necessary

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Not Sure a BSN Is Necessary,

The nursing job market, along with the healthcare delivery system, has changed dramatically in the last five years. You experience is important, but your education is just as important today. A BSN is becoming a standard for hire in many healthcare settings for a variety of reasons. One is there is a growing body of hard research showing facilities with a higher percentage of BSN nurses have
better outcomes.

It is totally worth it for you to go back to school for a BSN at any stage of your life and career. Education is a gift you give yourself. Go back to school for yourself first, your career second. Who knows what the future holds for you? Everyone is living and working longer. Read “Go Back to school and change your life” (

With online education being so popular and accessible, it is easier than ever to get your education. Keep in mind, there is scholarship money available for those who go after it. Read “Master the scholarship game” ( Education keeps you young, relevant and marketable.

Best wishes,

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