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What types of work-from-home jobs are there for RNs with case management experience?

Dear Donna,

I have 25 years of experience and work as a field nurse case manager for workers compensation. Do you know of any RN jobs where I can work from home, have more flexibility and independence and do less driving? I am interested working for a continuing education company.

Wants to Work from Home

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Wants to Work from Home,

Many case managers work from home, either for insurance companies or private case management companies. Since you already have that background, it would make sense to pursue that unless, of course, you’re looking for a change. Many of these companies have other home-based opportunities for nurses as well.

You should start by attending local chapter meetings of the Case Management Society of America ( If not a member, you can attend as a guest. Networking is a great way to explore options and find a job. Even if you want to do something other than case management, the power of networking is that people know people who may put you in contact with someone who can help you find the right job. You just never know from where the spark, idea, information, contact or opportunity will come.

When you say you’d like to work for a CE company, I am not sure in what capacity. Options include presenting online seminars and webinars or creating CE programs. Whatever you want to do in this area, start identifying CE companies online and make direct contact with them. Many companies have a careers tab on their website, but, do not let that stop you from calling them on the telephone and speaking with their human resources department.

I discuss many more home-based options in my Career Alternatives for Nurses seminar. See where I’ll be offering this seminar ( and attend.

You also should go to area career fairs and connect with agencies and non-traditional employers at the fair. See what is coming up in your area (

Best wishes,


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