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Hearty and healthy soups (+ 1 stew)

Nothing calls for comfort food like the long, frigid winter months. But as you know, the problem with most comfort food is that, along with the comfort comes an excess of calories that our bodies could do without.

These hearty and healthy soups (and one stew) will fill you to the brim, keep you warm and fuel you through a grueling work day, without adding to your waistline.

Chicken Shitake and Wild Rice Soup

Described as “rich, buttery, and meaty,” shitake mushrooms make this chicken soup hearty and flavorful. Did you know wild rice isn’t actually rice at all, but the seed of a semi-aquatic grass? From

Hearty Lentil Soup With Tomatoes

Lentils are an excellent source of fiber and can be a great way to increase your protein intake for those who struggle with meeting their dietary requirements. Even meat-a-vores will agree this hearty soup is filling and tasty. From

Italian Sausage Tortellini Soup

With a yummy tomato-y chicken broth, some cheesy tortellini bites, and a punch of spice from Italian flavored sausage, this soup is a full meal in a bowl. From Two Peas & Their

Courtesy of Two Peas & Their

Hearty Guinness Beef Stew

This twist on traditional beef stew ups the flavor complexity while maintaining the general ease of making a simple stew. With the addition of a few simple ingredients, such as Guinness and espresso (strong coffee would probably suffice if espresso isn’t so easy to come by), no one will turn their nose up at this new take on a classic. From

West African Peanut Soup

This traditional West African flavor combination is a refreshing tastebud pick-me-up. A vegetable-tomato broth combo, thickened with peanut butter and spiced with generous amounts of ginger and garlic. Get some great crunch, texture and nutrition from chopped collard greens. You’ve got your veggies, your protein and a happy belly. Winning. From

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