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What are some ways seasoned RNs who want to reinvent their careers can do so?


Dear Donna,

I am a nurse with approximately 30 years of hospital experience, mostly in the ED. I cannot endure the stress of the hospital environment anymore. I feel lost as to what I’d like to do in my career. Even though I get e-mails from job sites every day, the jobs don’t interest me. Ideally I would like to do part-time work at home, maybe legal nurse consulting. I also have a disabled daughter that I need to be available for especially in the summers when she is off from school. I cannot see myself working in a cubicle all day. I really need to reinvent my career. Where do I start to find a job that suits me?

Wants to Reinvent Career

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Wants to Reinvent Career,

Nursing is one of the most diverse professions on the planet. Fortunately you have plenty of options. There is literally something for everyone in this field. The first step in making a transition and figuring out where to go from here is to do a self-assessment. Read “How to find your forte” ( Take the steps outlined in the article.

You also need to start getting out to live events if possible such as nursing association meetings (even as a guest if not a member), career fairs and career seminars. You never know from where the next spark, idea, information, opportunity, lead or contact will come. But it won’t come by staying isolated and just thinking about it. Live events also are a good way to brush up on your networking and self-marketing skills. Networking is a well known way to find and get a job. Read “How to change specialties” ( See what nursing-related events are coming up in your area (

There are plenty of things you can do from home such as case management, telephone advice line or triage, disease management and more.There are also things that you can do on your own time in your local area such as conducting insurance exams or doing life-care planning just to name a few.

It would be ideal if you could attend my Career Alternatives for Nurses seminar. It is the perfect starting point for you to fully explore options, identify transferable skills, learn competitive marketing skills as the job market is very competitive these days, get specialty info including leads and contact info and find out if you really need to take any additional courses or certifications. The program is also available in a home study version (

I understand it takes some time, energy, planning and even a little courage to get out there but that is the best way to energize and reinvent your career and your life. For more tips in this area, read “Give yourself a career makeover” (

Best wishes,

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