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HHS report provides demographic information on ACA enrollment

Nearly 2.2 million people selected plans from the state and federal exchanges by Dec. 28, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

The exchanges are a central component of the Affordable Care Act, under which 7 million people have been projected to enroll in private insurance plans for 2014. Open enrollment for the year extends through March 31. Technical problems with, the host site of the federal exchange, held down enrollment in October and November.

A new HHS report provides the first demographic information about enrollees. December alone accounted for nearly 1.8 million enrollees in state and federal marketplaces overall. Enrollment in the federal exchange in December was seven times greater than the combined total for October and November, and eight times greater for young adults ages 18 to 34.

Of the almost 2.2. million enrollees:

• 54% are female and 46% are male;

• 30% are ages 34 and under, and 24% are ages 18 to 34. The administration reportedly hopes that number will be about 40% by the end of open enrollment. A significantly lower percentage could skew future premiums under the ACA or cause insurers to exit the marketplace.

• 60% selected a silver plan, while 20% selected a bronze plan, 13% selected a gold plan, 7% selected a platinum plan and 1% selected a catastrophic plan. Catastrophic plans have the highest out-of-pocket costs for care, followed by bronze, silver, gold and platinum plans. Platinum plans have higher premiums.

• 79% selected a plan using subsidies available from the federal government.

The report also details state-by-state information where available. In some cases, only partial datasets were available for state exchanges.

The report features cumulative data for the three-month period because some people apply, shop and select a plan across monthly reporting periods. Enrollment is measured as those who selected a plan.


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