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Letter: Minors make a difference

Thank you for Cathryn Domrose’s article “Minors with Major Impact,” highlighting that a minor apart from nursing can “open new doors (

The importance to student nurses of attaining a minor really cannot be overstated for self-enrichment as well as for career protection should it be needed.

Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare workers maintain one of the highest injury rates of all industries. Some types of nurse injury, such as a spinal injury from lifting and moving patients, can disable a nurse from bedside nursing. Many nurses who suffer a devastating back or other musculoskeletal injury report being unable to find other nursing work but are ill-prepared for anything else.

Thank you for promoting pursuit of a minor for student nurses to enhance their nursing career or to provide another satisfying avenue should they need or wish to change direction.

Anne Hudson, RN, BSN
Founder, Work Injured Nurses Group USA (WING USA)
Coos Bay, Oregon
[email protected]

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