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‘American Nurse’ photos will grace covers in 2014

During the holidays a friend asked if I’m someone who makes New Year’s resolutions. I answered “No” because I generally don’t sit down on New Year’s Eve and resolve to do things such as eating healthier or exercising more regularly. Later that day, however, I realized my response wasn’t totally accurate. Even though I don’t make official resolutions, I do plan what I’d like to accomplish in the coming year in my personal and work life, and I look at how I can do certain things better or differently.

Planning is part of making resolutions, and those of us in healthcare and nursing know all about planning, don’t we? We plan patient care and have been part of budget sessions and strategic planning meetings. We’ve planned for new services and care delivery systems, and we’ve helped with plans for growth, expansions, mergers and acquisitions.

Here at, we do a lot of planning, too — for our stories, artwork and layouts, and of course for our covers. Beginning with this issue, the covers of our magazines throughout 2014 will be graced with poignant photos from the 2012 book, “The American Nurse,” by Carolyn Jones.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the book and The American Nurse Project, in which Jones and her producer, Lisa Frank, sought to cover as many nurses as possible in as much territory as possible from coast to coast to paint a portrait of American nursing. The book tells stories about nurses and what it means to be a nurse. Its award-winning photos of nurses, 75 in all, are inspirational, as are the stories about them, which are written in the nurses’ own words. Jones’ photographs and interviews feature nurses from New York City to San Diego as they work with hungry children, wounded veterans, the terminally ill, teens at risk and many others.

To find these nurses, talk with them and tell their stories, Jones crisscrossed the country, moving from rural Kentucky to Chicago and from Wisconsin back to Florida. She gifted us with many beautiful thoughts and quotes, but one of my favorites in the book is a quote from Jones herself: “Nurses have seen things that none of us can imagine. I’m in awe. I do believe that they are a special breed — some combination of innate compassion and learned behavior. I wish I could say exactly what it is, because I’d bottle it up and drink that potion. But it’s not consistent, and, of course, there are many roads that lead to being a nurse.”

In starting The American Nurse Project, Jones resolved to celebrate nursing and give a voice to the American nurse. Her resolution was a special one, and her plan became a beautiful and meaningful reality. We at share this vision to honor nurses as part of our mission to support you in your profession. We hope you will resolve to help us highlight the nursing profession throughout the year by sharing your magazines with others. Pass your copy along, or download our new tablet app, which includes the complete magazine, at You and your colleagues, families, patients and others also can select to read the magazine online at

Let us know what you think of our new plan. We would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, happy New Year to all, and we hope it will be a good one for you, your patients and your families and friends! •

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