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How can I find out if a long-term care facility in my area is a good place to work? What if it is always hiring RNs?


Dear Donna,

I have a few nursing homes in my area that are constantly hiring nurses. Is that a good or bad sign regarding the quality of the facility?

Looking for a Sign

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Looking for a Sign,

Frequent openings at a facility are not necessarily a good sign or a bad sign. There are many possible reasons for it. Long-term care is a growth industry right now and that is one possible reason why they would be actively hiring. But there are others ways to check out a facility.

Start by doing an Internet search about the facility including any complaints against [the facility name]. See what comes up if anything.

Attend a local chapter meeting of the National Association of Directors of Nursing Administration in Long Term Care ( and network there. Ask other attendees about the reputations of facilities to find out more. This is an association for all nurses, not just DONs in LTC. You can attend as a guest. You can do the same with a local chapter of the American Nurses Association ( Networking is a great way to find and get a great job.

Ask your network of healthcare colleagues (former coworkers, classmates, physicians, etc.), as well as friends and family what they know about local LTC facilities. Area facilities tend to have a reputation one way or the other. By asking those you know, you might find someone who has worked at the facility in question or who knows someone who works there and could speak to the
working conditions.

You also should go on an interview for any position you see. You have nothing to lose. It’s a good way to check the place out. Ask for a tour while there and see what kind of a feel you get for the facility. Ask to meet some of the nurses who work there. Stop wondering and take some proactive steps to get the information you need to move forward.

Best wishes,


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