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Should an experienced RN with a BSN who wants to change careers take case management courses to do so?


Dear Donna,

I have a BSN and work as a certified operating room nurse. I want to change careers and am interested in case management. Where I can take pre-case management courses so I can add this certification to my resume? I see postings for certification positions that require two years of experience.

Interested in Case Management

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Interested in Case Management,

Before you invest time or money in taking additional coursework, do some informational interviewing ( with case managers to learn more about the specialty and be sure it’s what you want to do. This also is a great way to make contacts in the specialty, get related advice for entering the specialty and learn about opportunities in this specialty. You can find nurses already working in this specialty if you don’t already know some by visiting your state and local chapter of the Case Management Society of America (

You also should attend local chapters meetings of CMSA as a guest for now. When there’s something you want to do, it makes sense to rub elbows with those already doing that work. Read “How to change specialties” (

Certification is not required to get started in the specialty and as you have learned through some research is available only for those experienced in case management .

You want to look for positions where the employer will train you. These positions exist in insurance companies, private case management companies and others. They are often filled by word of mouth and not advertised. You will need to use networking with those already working in the specialty to uncover these positions. does offer a case management seminar. Find out more (

Best wishes,



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