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LAST year’s resolutions: Check!

Making some resolutions at the New Year can be an invigorating and exciting start toward an improved you. On the flip side, resolutions can set us up for disappointment when other things get in the way of our goals.

How about just one resolution this year? Resolve to acknowledge all of the great things you’ve accomplished throughout the last year, big and small. Here are some suggestions to get you going. Then tell us what you’ve accomplished this year. It can be anything!

Finished a degree …

You completed class after class while working. You battled term papers late at night, got up early to study your flash cards. Whether you got your bachelor’s degree, a master’s or a doctorate, you deserve a big pat on the back for such a huge accomplishment. Congratulations!

… Or started one

Going back to school is a daunting prospect. You worry about whether or not you can afford it, whether it will be worth the effort, whether you can handle the stress. When you set your foot into that first class (or your fingers onto the keyboard for an online one), you’re taking a brave step forward toward a new future for yourself. And you’re singlehandedly contributing to the progression of the entire nursing profession.

Worked every shift to the best of your ability

Anyone who’s worked a nursing shift knows that a single day can be filled with more challenges than most people face in a month! We all make mistakes, we sometimes fall short. But if you worked every shift to the absolute best of your ability, you should have no regrets.

Made one patient feel like gold

That’s all it takes, doesn’t it? One patient who felt like you made their illness manageable, made them feel comfortable, made them laugh, made their needs heard by the rest of the medical team. If you’ve done that, you’ve honored your profession. You remember those patients forever. And they remember you.

Managed your stress

Stress can overwhelm us from time to time. And we can always be better at learning how to cope with stress effectively. Was there a time that you felt wrought with anxiety and went for a walk to calm down? Or you felt frazzled in the middle of an impossible workday and headed to the bathroom for some deep breathing? Managing your stress is one of the most important skills you can learn, especially when you work in a profession that faces high levels of it constantly! If you’ve succeeded at de-stressing from time to time, you’ve done yourself and those around you a big favor.

Dealt with conflict in a healthy way

Conflict in healthcare is unavoidable. Some of us run from it (and there are those who beckon it!). If you handled just one potentially controversial issue in a direct and respectful way, you’ve done a great job. Learning to handle conflict is like building muscle. The more you practice, the stronger you’ll get.

Your turn:

What did you do in the past year that you’re proud of? Share with us and give yourself the kudos you deserve.

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