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Top 5 Scrubbed In posts of 2013

Where did 2013 go? Thank you to all of our loyal Scrubbed In readers for a wonderful year!

As we head into the New Year, we wanted to share our top 5 posts of 2013. These posts garnered interesting and provocative comments from our community of nurse friends and colleagues.

1. You Wear Your Scrubs WHERE?!

A look at whether or not wearing scrubs in public places is taboo. Some of you said yes, some said no. Some said, “Hey, I don’t have a choice.” What do you think? Tell us here.

2. Your Feel-Good Playlist For Those Tough Nursing Days

We’ve all had bad days at work; those shifts that never end. We chose a list of feel-good music to help lift your spirits after one of those challenging days.

3. The Color Debate: What Your Scrubs Say About You

Should nurses wear colored scrub? Or does that alter the image of the professional nurse? Let us know what role scrubs play in how you’re perceived as a nurse.

4. Word Therapy: Quotes For When You’re Feeling Down

Do you sometimes question your choice to become a nurse? Did you make a med error and don’t know how to get past it? Are you trying to change things at work, but are met with resistance? These quotes will help shift your perspective if you’re feeling down. Read here and share with your nursing colleagues and friends.

5. 5 Qualities In A Successful Nurse Manager

Being a nurse manager is no easy task. These are the qualities we pinpointed as essential for a nurse manager’s ultimate success. We heard from staff nurses and managers themselves about the challenges nurse managers face and how some have met those challenges.


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