Tips on taking stock and moving forward

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Dear Readers:

My Dear Donna column will be on holiday hiatus from now through New Year’s Day. I’ll resume posting Q&As on Thursday, Jan. 2. But keep sending your questions and comments in
the interim.

I also wanted to remind you that this is a good time to look back on your year, personally and professionally, and take stock. Pull out a spiral notebook, journal or open a new page in your computer. Take time to recollect and write down your accomplishments. Make a list of things you want to work on in 2014. You should set goals as a way of creating your own future rather than just letting things happen to you. Remember that “letting the cards fall as they will” is as much a choice as it is to take planned and positive action. Read “Set Goals and Change Your Life” (

Healthcare and nursing are in the midst of major change. In my latest article, “Nursing – A New Paradigm” (, I and other experts outline where nursing is headed and where the opportunities will be. Consider where you might fit in. also is offering new interesting seminars, intensive CE series and other events in 2014 to help you move your career forward: (

Thanks for being loyal readers and fans and keep sending in those great questions. I hope to see many of you next year at my seminars and at others events.Nurses are the heart of healthcare and don’t you ever forget that. All the best in 2014!



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